About EtchFit

About Our Company

Owner Kevin Hughes brings to Berks County a comprehensive fitness model that is novel to Berks as well as considered an industry leading prototype by many experts.


The different medical grade equipment tests and tracks, via software, critical information such as body composition, including percent body fat, muscle mass and hydration status. The ability to conduct VO2 and functional movement assessments exist as well.  Our evaluations let us know how to create the safest and most effective path to achieving your goals.


The assessment process, along with our degree and certified trainers, round out the BEST personal training experience you will find in the area. We also provide an inviting and challenging group fitness class schedule that promises a unique experience along with a semi-private, small group style, sports performance program that specializes in creating fast, powerful, and successful athletes that are remarkably resilient to injury.

The Friendly Staff of Etchfit