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Summer 2018 Results195lbs of pure fat lost between 37 people!  213lbs total lost!!


Our InBody Challenges, held multiple times throughout the year, offer expert support and superior motivation to help you kickstart your fitness goals! You will initially record your baseline on our medical grade InBody 570 machine. From there, you will receive weekly nutritional support and have access to in-person lectures and Q&A’s continuing your progress along the way! Along with achieving your fitness goals, the individual with the greatest relative positive change at the end of the challenge will receive a grand prize!  Others will receive prizes as well for commending your hard work and dedication to improving your health and wellness!


Learning how to achieve your goals effectively and correctly is the objective of these challenges. If your goal is to add weight, you will learn how to gain muscle and lean mass while limiting fat gain.  If your goal is weight loss, you will learn how to lose as much fat as possible while maintaining muscle, lean mass, and your hydration.  Often times weight loss diets can leave you “weighing” less but only because of substantial water loss and not actual fat loss!



Actual Member!

For example, as you can see here from the excerpt of the summary portion of an actual InBody results sheet, if you are looking to lose weight you want to see that “Weight” number drop. While losing weight you want to make sure you are maintaining or even seeing an increase the in the “SMM”, or skeletal muscle mass.  And obviously you want to see the “PBF”, or percent body fat, decrease!

The InBody 570 machine can detail all of this information for you in less than 45 seconds! Throw your old scale away and come find out what you are truly made of and how to become your best you!


Our most current InBody Challenge flyer can be found below!  Please click the link to download the flyer!

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