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Etchfit Programs

We offer multiple programs to fit your needs.


Etchfit’s programming is fully comprehensive. It includes speed, agility, strength and power, power-endurance, and stamina training sessions. We employ state-of-the-art training equipment and training methods with old school, nose-to-the-grindstone simplicity. The most important variable in performance training is INTENSITY!


Sports- Specific Strength, Speed/Agility, and Conditioning. Regardless of your sport, we provide the training and atmosphere to make you the strongest, most explosive, well-conditioned athlete, you can be. Our philosophy is simple and direct – your training should mimic movement patterns you perform in competition.


Train like the pros means we are providing you the same attention to detail and follow up as we
do with our professional athletes. We provide the BEST personal training in the Berks county area and beyond for all levels, ages, goals of those seeking to improve their overall fitness and developmental strength and conditioning.

Athletic Testing

We evaluate every athlete, review the results, and provide a specific plan that puts them on the road to success with purpose driven sessions. Our evaluations let us know how we can safely and effectively create that plan as well as exercises and intensity levels that need to be avoided. We continue to monitor your progress and progressively modify your program.

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